Chiro Manipulation

Each Adjustment delivered in our office is specifically chosen for the individual, we do not adapt the patient to our style of adjusting, we are able to change our style of adjusting to meet the patients need.

Upper Cervical Care

In a quest to provide superior service to her clients, Dr. Kang has trained extensively across the nation to successfully master an analysis and correction system known as the Blair Upper Cervical Specific Technique.

Postural Rehabiltation

Dr. Lee learned of and then adopted a revolution in chiropractic health care that puts you in control of the health of your neck and spine: The Pettibon System™.

Cold Laser Therapy

UNI Chiropractic Care have announced that they are now offering a new non-invasive therapy modality called the ML 830 cold laser from Microlight Corporation of America. The low-energy, non-thermal laser is a way of delivering beneficial light to deep tissues to promote the process of photobiostimulation.


Nutritional Counseling

Mannatech’s Optimal Health System is designed to provide the body’s cells with concentrated, standardized and stabilized sources of nutrients. The four core products within this system are designed to supplement what may not typically be found in our modern diets. Advanced Ambrotose™, Ambrotose AO®, PhytoMatrix®, and PLUS products address four important areas of cellular health: support, protection, nourishment and balance.


Physiotherapy is physical therapy done by a chiropractor. Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Kang are trained in physiotherapy using exercises, activities and specialized equipment to condition muscles and improve the level of activity and range of motion.


Auto Accident

Do you want relief from pain, headaches, dizziness, tingling arms and hands as a result of an automobile accident? Even if it has been quite a long time since the accident?
We would like to Help!!


We accept all other PPO plans that have chiropractic benefits and can make arrangements to make paying your copays easier.

Medicare covers spinal mainuplations at 80% and most Medicare Supplements will pay the other 20%! Medicaid will cover 12 chiropractic visits per year! Even without insurance, care is still very affordable.

Cash Plan
Many people are worried about the cost of quality chiropractic care. At UNI Chiropractic Care, we offer discounted cash plans and affordable payment plans.